Preaching the gospel in Ellisville, Mississippi

Our Mission

The history of the Ellisville Presbyterian Church begins in the 1870′s in the post-war timber boom in south Mississippi. While Ellisville, Mississippi itself had been founded in 1826 and there are some records of presbyterians meeting in south Jones County it was not until 1887 that our church was officially opened by the Presbytery. The land for our present building was purchased in 1892 for the sum of $75.00 from the city of Ellisville and began to be used for worship later that year. Our church is the oldest church building still in use in Ellisville. We also continue to use the same pulpit Bible, pulpit chairs, communion table and silverware, baptismal stand and font, and pews that our forefathers purchased and made with their own hands.

Our church has a long history of supporting the community and continue to do so through our support of the North Street Mission, Domestic Abuse Shelter, Christian Food Mission, Bethany Adoption Services, the Palmer Home for Children, and other local charities.

For an introduction to morning worship see here.

Our testimony has always been simple: to preach Christ and Him Crucified.

We Believe:

  1. That man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
  2. That the Universe is the direct creation of the Almighty God.
  3. That God is sovereign over all men, including civil rulers, and no one can ignore or reject His government.
  4. That this Sovereign God has revealed Himself to man by means of His creation and His written Word
  5. That the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the written, inerrant,  Word of God. That they principally teach what man is to believe concerning God and what duty God requires of man in every area of life, faith, and worship.
  6. That man was created in innocence but soon thereafter fell into a state of sin, being thus totally depraved man could do nothing to save himself, and needed a perfect Savior.
  7. That Jesus Christ, who is truly God and truly Man, lived a perfect life and died a perfect death, on the behalf of His people, and fulfilled all the requirements necessary for man’s salvation.
  8. That anyone who from the heart forsakes his sin in repentance and turns in faith to Jesus Christ alone, counting his own good deed of righteousness worthless in God’s sight, shall be saved.
  9. That apart from Jesus Christ and His righteous life and atoning death, there is absolutely no hope of salvation.
  10. That there are only two sacraments ordained by Christ Jesus our Lord in the New Testament, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
  11. That Baptism is the sign of membership in the visible church for believers and their children.
  12. That in the Lord’s Supper believers really and truly spiritually feed upon the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.


 The Mission of Ellisville Presbyterian Church

The Church of Jesus Christ is called to nurture the faith of those whom God has called out of the World to be His people and to be a light unto the World. Ellisville Presbyterian Church is a congregation of Bible-believing Christians who confess Christ as Lord and seek to serve Him in a fallen World by preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for sinners while developing through the help of the Holy Spirit a greater love for one another in Christ. Or as the Puritan Matthew Henry said:

The Christian religion is the religion of sinners, of such as have sinned, and in whom sin in some measure still dwells. The Christian life is a life of continued repentance, humiliation for and mortification of sin, of continual faith in, thankfulness for, and love to the Redeemer, and hopeful joyful expectation of a day of glorious redemption, in which the believer shall be fully and finally acquitted, and sin abolished for ever.

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